Scentsy Seller VS Gospel Sharer

When I was a teenager, I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I decided when I was 18 I was going to sell handmade items. My brand is Beckzified. The problem with this is that it’s usually a seasonal job as a vendor. Even selling on Etsy didn’t get me the traction I needed to make it a profitable gig.

Even when I prayed for my handmade items to bless people and asked God to bring people to me, it didn’t work. My crafts were cute novelty items. Not things people needed.

The more people declined ordering from me, the more I started to feel rejected. I made these items, they were apart of me. It hurt to be turned down.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but my perspective on sharing the gospel with others was the same. If I shared the goodness of Jesus with others, and they turned it down, then I felt personally rejected.

This mindset made me have an already defeated attitude and I didn’t even want to try to tell people about Jesus. They were going to think I was crazy. I wasn’t going to be persuasive enough. I didn’t know all my scriptures by heart to prove myself as a Bible scholar. I didn’t know what else to do besides keep being faithful to church and in my personal walk with Jesus.

But God Had A Plan

I started searching for a new business that wasn’t a pyramid scheme that everyone I knew was apart of.

It all started with a warmer and some wax.

My first Scentsy warmer and wax bar

I attended a Facebook Scentsy party in October. I never heard of Scentsy before. As soon as I read that Scentsy is SAFE, FOOD GRADE, and WARM, so my children’s little fingers would be safe if they touched it – I WAS SOLD! 🙌🏻

I wanted to try ALL the wax scents! Before I knew it I was telling everyone I knew about my newest Scentsy obsession.

I hosted my own party in December and January 1st I signed up to be a Independent Scentsy Consultant!

Independent Scentsy Consultant!!!!!


I’m not usually outgoing or good at selling things. But when you love your products, selling comes NATURALLY 😃 It’s easier to manufactured items than it is handmade ones.
God reminded me that I had a natural gift for sales. A talent that has been buried for too long under years of failure and low self esteem.

God surrounded me with AMAZING loyal friends and family to help support me in my business! They helped me reach my goals, spread word of my business, pray for me, and keep cheering for me. As my Scentsy Facebook grows, I am able to share of God’s goodness with them. My job has become a way for me to meet new people I wouldn’t normally meet because of the pandemic or living out of state.

I see strangers and I don’t automatically think “they’re not going to like me”. I see them as people who need Jesus. Even if they don’t believe the same way I do, I can still pray with them. I am able to get out of my comfort zone and witness to them.

It changed my life! This is a whole mindset change! I’m seeing people struggling and I feel qualified to help. I’m developing relationships I normally wouldn’t because I didn’t feel good enough. But now that God allowed me to have success in my life, I feel I can be successful in every area of my life!

God allowed me to win

Scentsy is NOT a get rich fast scheme. But if you work hard at it – your hard work WILL PAY OFF! 💵 As soon I joined Scentsy I inherited an AMAZING Scentsy family that cheer me on every step on the way! 📣 God blessed me!!! They are a PRAYING team of ladies that definitely have God on their side! I didn’t know who was apart of the team before joining, but these are God’s people.

I was abundantly blessed

Scentsy gives you goals and I SMASHED THEM!👊

My first 8 days I made $200 in sales and became an ACTIVE CONSULTANT

My first $500 in sales in 14 days! I earned my Shooting Star Award!

My first 28 days I hit $1000 in sales and became a CERTIFIED CONSULTANT!

My first 40 days I hit $1500 in sales and reached Sensational Start Level #1!

I’m working towards my next goal Sensational Start #2!

I NEVER thought I, Rebecca Chaulklin, would be able to achieve ALL these goals in 40 days 😱
But I did! And I’m here to tell you, WITH GOD – IT IS POSSIBLE!

Who is looking for a side hustle that’s achievable?!

Who is ready to join me on my team and SMASH GOALS with me by your side?

Click this link to join my Scentsy team

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